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Conducting fair workplace investigations, in accordance with natural justice principles is vital for employers, especially where disciplinary action may result if the investigation upholds the allegation(s) which are being investigated.

An employer may need to consider investigating an issue, for example, if there may have been misconduct or serious misconduct, or a complaint of bullying or harassment has been made.

Investigations have a number of steps and decisions to be made. Employers will need to balance:

  • advising an employee that the employer has a concern or suspicion (an allegation) or that another employee has raised a concern or suspicion in relation to something done, or not done, by the employee, and
  • unnecessarily raising something that may not be a real issue, causing stress to the employee. Also there are times when an employer does not know who did the act that has resulted in the concern, for example, who took the missing money.

Our team regularly provides investigation services, and all our consultants that provide these services maintain current status as licenced private investigators (as required under the Private Security Personnel and Private Investigators Act, 2020).

Often, we become involved as the organisation may not be large enough to have its own in-house HR function to investigate serious workplace allegations.

However, even where the organisation does have its own in-house resource available, there are other considerations as to why an independent investigator may be appropriate, for example:

  • difficult or complex issues – e.g. a fraud or drugs allegation
  • there is a risk of a toxic work environment – e.g. a complex bullying allegation
  • sensitive allegations – e.g. sexual harassment allegation (often policies have time constraints on the follow-up process that need to be complied with)
  • questions of credibility – e.g. when the allegation of inappropriate behaviour is made by a customer about a staff member (if an internal investigator is used it may create a perception that the investigation is biased)
  • an organisation-wide issue – e.g. where there is money going missing , but there is no person identified as acting inappropriately, an investigator should look at all of the evidence and come to a conclusion based on the facts, with no bias.
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