Helping you grow the talent within your business

We deliver exceptional 1-on-1 and group coaching services

We offer face-to-face and online coaching across all employment matters to align with your workplace culture, values and goals. We provide the knowledge and tools to retain an engaged and healthy workplace.

Examples of programmes we have delivered for business owners, boards, management, frontline, HR/H&S teams include:

Human Resource Coaching

  • Building leadership skills for managers and supervisors;
  • Understanding your employment obligations as a board;
  • Creating relevant employment agreements and policies for your business;
  • Developing strong position descriptions that are consistent and clear of expectations;
  • Delivering meaningful performance appraisals and review processes for managers and supervisors;
  • Building effective teams to increase performance;
  • How to do develop individual and team development plans;
  • Understanding the collective bargaining process.

Employment Relations Coaching

  • Dealing with poor performance;
  • Building confidence when faced with hard conversations and difficult situations;
  • How to deal with  bullying and harassment allegations;
  • How to respond to a PG and follow the right process;
  • How to mediate a fair and impartial process; 
  • Planning and managing effective organisational change;
  • Preventing destructive behaviours and work place relationships;
  • Dealing with medical incapacity issues in an appropriate and supportive way. 
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